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Add Spectral Type to SkySafari Mobile App

I would like to see a star's Spectral Type included in its BASIC INFORMATION or PHYSICAL PARAMETERS.  I require the basic SkySafari mobile app for my Astronomy 101 class and the omission of Spectral Type information is conspicuous.


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    Bill Tschumy

    This spectral type is displayed in Plus & Pro.  The Basic version of SkySafari is designed for casual star gazers and they would have no use for the spectral type.  If this information is really important for your students, please have them purchase Plus.  It is only $8.



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    Captain Joy

    On of my students this semester has purchased the Plus version.  I try to minimize costs for them as much as possible.  I was worried that the Plus version might be too much information for non-science majors to handle.  I will have to decide if $8 SkySafari with Spectral Class info is better than non-SkySafari free apps with Spectral Class; it won't be an easy decision.

    Thank you for this prompt and informative reply!

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