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Time toolbar request


I have been using SkySafari since it first came out and really think its a great product with many of the early issues ironed out. Can I make a few requests to make it even better

1. When displaying the time at the top of the screen can you put DST after the time if it is applied. I am often moving around in time making predictions and checks and I am always being caught by the fact that my references sources are in UT but the display might be UT +1 as DST is applied (I am in the UK)

2. Please, please move the 'Now' button away from the two forward backward step arrows. Many times I have carefully set up a time very different from Now and I am tapping through at say 1 minute intervals and suddenly I lose everything as I inadvertently hit the Now button and have to start over again. Maybe have Now then the units then the 4 arrows

3. Can we have 1 sidereal day in the time step menu?





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    Bill Tschumy



    Thanks for the suggestions.

    1. There is not enough room on phones to add this.  We barely have enough room to display the time and location as it is.  Possibly we could do this on tablets and the Mac.

    2. Where would you suggest we move it to?

    3. This is already in there.  On iOS and Android, tap the "units" area in the lower left of the time panel.  You may have to scroll the list of units to se Sidereal Day.  On Mac, it in in the Units drop down menu in the time panel.

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    Martin Lewis

    Thanks for responding Bill. I really appreciate your efforts on this amazing app.

    Agree no room on phones but I generally use Sky Safari on my iPad so if you could add it on tablets and Macs that would be just great.

    In the time controls I would have the Units then a separator then the four time arrows then a separator then the Now button. Hitting a fwd/back play arrow when you meant to hit a step arrow isn't quite so bad as hitting the Now button but it still isn't great- so if you can add a little bit of space between the fwd/back play arrows and the step arrows that makes life easier although the main thing is to separate out the Now button.

    Wow- never knew those were there. Brilliant!


    Many thanks,


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