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SS6 Pro Feature Request

I just installed the latest SkySafari 6 Pro update and all is as it should be.

I was hoping a feature I had previously requested might have been included in the update, but it has not been yet.

My request is regarding when a scope is connected, three 'dots' appear on the tab.  Tapping the dots opens a window that allows slewing the scope to a specific RA/Dec.  My request was that a toggle be added to allow you to switch between RA/Dec and Alt/Az.

My scope is permanently mounted in my observatory and it's park position is 180° azimuth, 20° altitude.  Being able to slew to these coordinated directly from within SkySafari would make it easier for me to use.

Thanks again for your consideration.



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    Gervais Parent

    I'm in the same situation, would like to use this feature to park my scope at a specific position.



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    Bill Tschumy

    I guess I don't see why you couldn't just tap a star near that Alt/Az and do a GoTo.  You can even use the Center chart coordinates in the Coordinates settings to center the chart on that Alt/Azm.  Then zoom in a bit and pick a star in the center.

    I'm not saying this feature will never make it in, but it is probably going to be low priority given there is a pretty reasonable workaround.

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    Donald Gallian

    What I have been doing is disconnecting from SkySafari and using the hand control to slew to a 'saved land object'.  Not exactly the elegant solution, but it works. 

    I was hoping that since it was possible to slew to a specific Alt/Az location in SS5, it might be easy to incorporate into the current version.

    I do appreciate your taking time to respond.



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