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Jupiter moons Double and triple shadow transits in data section

Hi! I tried to know the next date and time when relatively rare and often photographed by amateurs double or even rarer triple moons jupiter shadows transits (photographed by HST too) seen on jupiter disk simultaneously.

But its hard to do by manual method in SFP 6 by jogging the time forward or clicking out next shadow transit event clock icon in data section of jupiter and seeing if another moon shadow event simultaneously happening.

On internet at other resources, its very randomly available when there are next such multiple shadow events and no timetable of 2019 or onwards.

Thus i felt if its more easy to do programatically by your experts would love to have that dates displayed in data section just like next shadow transits are shown, next double and triple shadow transit dates can also be shown (it can be as location agnostic data as solar eclipse dates in data section of sun since once rough timings are known, user can navigate to that date and check themselves if jupiter above horizon from their location etc.)



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    Bill Tschumy


    We can consider this for a future release.

    We probably can't just display it in the Object Info because finding the multiple moon events is computationally intensive.  We might possibly have a button to display them, which might kick of a several second search.

    If you only need to search in the next week or so, you can center jupiter and zoom in on it.  Then set the time flow to something like 10 minutes per time step.  Put the display in Equatorial mode so you won't have to deal with the rise/set of the planet.  Run time forward and you can quickly see when the events occur.

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    Dear Bill

    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes i indeed searched exactly the way you descibed. By putting in 10 minute time step and watching Jupiter rotate and looking for passing of 2 shadows. But despite spending some time like that, did not find anything until mid May. Maybe the timespan between the events is much larger than finding out that way. That is why wish to know it well in advance so that preparation and if needed travel plan can be made for even more rarer triple shadow transit.

    It would be great if ephemeris like these can be calculated by skysafari expanding the usage scenario needs.

    Even such a search returning a webpage(or fetching data from it) with a dumb list of pre calculated dates of future times (conveniently pre calculated on powerful computer instead of on the fly results harnessing mobile phone processors) will also do. Apart from sporadic references of recent events alerts, there is lack of any proper list beyond 2010 like this




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