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Will SkySafari 6 Pro On macOS Mojave + SynScan WiFi Adapter Work? (Answer: SkyScan WiFi Is Not Supported Without Also Using The SynScan App - Native Support Coming Soon!)

Is the Synscan wifi adapter supported with SkySafari 6?  With or without an intervening Android/iOS device running Synscan App?

I have it running on a PC - but it's a real stack of software with Stellarium (which DOES work).  I'm looking for a Mac solution, the more direct, the better.

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    Bill Tschumy


    We don't currently support the SkyScan WiFi without the intervening SynScan app.  We hope to fully support in in a month or two.  Although we have not tried it, I suspect you could use the Mac version running SkySafari, talking to the SkyScan app running on an iOS device.


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