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How To 2-Star Align SkySafari 6 Pro On iOS 12.3.1 + Nexus WiFi + Losmandy Encoders Push-To Equatorial?

This no longer works with SkySafari 6.4.0 on iPad (iOS 12.3.1), wifi to Nexus (firmware 2.1.20) connected to encoders on push-to Losmandy mount.

First polar align mount, set equatorial in 0,0 position, power up and connect SS to Nexus over wifi, align on star in east (Vega, Altair or Deneb). Pointing accuracy can be OK, depending on accuracy of polar alignment. This is a one star alignment and works, even after meridian flip.

To get better pointing accuracy using a 2-star alignment, I flip scope to other side of meridian, choose a 2nd star (Spica or Regulus) and tell SS to align. I then get an error message saying to choose a star with a different RA. OK. Deneb and Spica differ by about 7 hours in RA, and even more to Regulus. How can I do any better than that? Anyway, after this alignment failure, SS gets confused and loses its position and even its knowledge of which direction is DEC and which is RA.

I think 2-star alignment used to work with a previous release of SS 6.x, but does not anymore with version 6.4.0. SS 5 also had problems with this, but with the dreaded error message "alignment star too far from telescope position."

Although there may not be many SS users with push-to GEMs anymore, how hard can it be to implement a 2-star alignment? My old Sky Commander box does a very good job with 2-star alignment and centers objects in an eyepiece with 0.4 degree field.



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