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SkySafari Pro in iOS 12.3.1 Won't Display Horizon

Hi Bill,

I can't get any kind of horizon to display. No matter what form of horizon I choose in settings, it does not display. When I adjust Horizon Altitude, the selected form of the horizon displays only in the altitude adjustment window. But when I go back to the main sky display, there is no horizon displayed. The only indication of where the horizon would be is that the Meridian line goes away at the location of the selected horizon altitude. 

For example if I choose Panoramic Image the panorama doesn't display except in the horizon altitude adjustment window.


When I selected the Horizon Display of Opaque Area, the horizon now displays in the main sky display screen. Now all the other options will display correctly. But until I chose opaque area, none of the other selected horizons would display. I didn't notice this before because I almost never choose Opaque Area. So there is a bug in that area.


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    To display a horizon, one must have Settings > Horizon and Sky turned on AND one must be in Alt-Az mode:  Settings > Coordinates > Horizon (Alt/Azm).  If you're in one of the other three coordinate modes (Equitorial, Ecliptic or Galactic) then a horizon won't display even if you have a horizon selected to display.  This has caught me a few times, including again today...

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