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SkySafari 6 Pro and Apollo relive history

Ok I give up, how do you use this to see the Apollo history.   




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    Note: The Email about the free SkySafari Apollo Module states that is available thought today, 7/18/19 so try to down load it today.

    At the bottom right corner of the Email that announces the SkySafari Apollo Module are brief instructions:

    "It's as Easy as 1-2-3!!!

    1. Access Settings
    2. Choose In-App Purchases
    3. Select Apollo & Complete"

    Listed below is my very detailed step by step directions.

    Hope this helps:

    Download through 7/18/19: Open SkySafari>Settings>Scroll to bottom>Select In-App Purchases>Select free "Apollo Lunar Missions" listed at $0.00>Click "Accept Purchase">You should see a blue line showing the quick progress of the download followed by "In-App Purchase. Finished downloading Apollo Lunar Mission Successfully">Select "OK".

    The $0.00 price should now be replaced by "View Missions".

    You should now have 2 different ways to access the Apollo Module options.
    You can use the SkySafari "Search" option or follow the steps listed below.
    There seems to be different ways to find different Apollo Module content.
    Perhaps the SkySafari developer can list how to fully use and view the Apollo Module Content.

    >Select "View Missions">the "Apollo 11 Missions Milestones" page should open>Select any of the hyperlinks: "Mission Overview, Launch Into Earth Orbit, Trans-lunar Injection, Intro Lunar Orbit, The Eagle Has Landed, On the Moon, Blasting Off The Moon, Leaving Lunar Orbit For Home, Back to Earth - Mission Success".
    Scroll further down to "Other Apollo Missions" to select Apollo 8, Apollo 10, Apollo 12, Apollo 13, Apollo 14, Apollo 15, Apollo 16, or Apollo 17.

    Glenn T.


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    Lyman Kent Stephenson

    I have SkySafari 6 Plus. I just bought theApollo inapp purchase from the iOS store because it does not show at all in the inapp purchase possibilities in the the SkySafari 6 Plus app. Now how do I get it downloaded to my proram?

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    Lyman Kent Stephenson

    Program not proram.

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