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Overlay a center indicator on the screen

I am using SkySafari as a pointer for my non-automated telescope. I have mounted it to the tube and use it to search for and locate objects. In order for it to be useful however, I need to indicate a point, or FOV on the screen for me to use to align the telescope. Once it is aligned, then I know that if an object is at that point, then it should be in the center of my field of view and the telescope.


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    I think you could accomplish this already. If you create a field of view indicator using a telescope and eyepiece you create, you could make the indicator any size you want by modifying the fake eyepiece you enter.

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    Michael O'Connell

    Thanks for the guidance. I was able to add my eye pieces and telescope and overlay the field with the concentric rings sized to my telescope - eyepiece combinations.

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