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request to support Nordic Semiconductor's Bluetooth LE UART Service for serial I/O in addition to Bluetooth Classic SPP

While Bluetooth LE does not define a standard serial protocol equivalent to the Bluetooth BDR/EDR Serial Port Protocol, a number of BTLE equivalents have been proposed.  I propose that the Nordic UART Service (NUS) definition is good enough to do what you presently require of Bluetooth Classic SPP, and that the NUS could be a multi-platform-supported protocol going forward, able to run on iPhones, Androids, and other Bluetooth LE-equipped platforms such as Windows, Apple, and Linux laptops.  In fact, Bluetooth LE (also called Bluetooth Smart) is the only common communication mechanism that could use a single common protocol across all devices.

Info on the protocol is available both from the Nordic website ( , and ), as well as at an Adafruit tutorial at

Please consider this; I think that this could offer you a clean, cross-platform, less-fiddly interface option going forward.




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