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SkiSafari - Add arrow to target object



I have mentioned this already to Bill, but I'll post it here too so others can vote on it as well.

It would be helpful to have SkySafari add an arrow pointing to the target object when star

hopping. Currently, the workaround is to zoom in and out which is clunky.




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    Bruce Lathrop

    Yep, I totally agree !



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    Antonio Vilchez

    I wanted to request the same thing, an arrow that points to the selected object when it is not on the screen, it is a function that I really like in the Mobile Observatory Pro APP, attached a screenshot showing the arrow pointing to the selected Orion Nebula when it is not found on screen, it helps a lot in the star hopping.


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    Omar Azzam

    Yes, please! I just bought the plus app and am impressed by the feature list, but this is an important one for star hopping. Otherwise you have to keep zooming out and back in to make sure you are getting closer to your target. It seems logical that if you did center an object, then pan away, it should have the arrow whether or not the compass is used.

    Edit: I saw that the center target function is named Locate in compass mode, which makes sense.  If there is a way to select an object to locate outside of compass mode that may be more intuitive.  Maybe in non compass mode provide both locate and center options, where locate will enable that arrow pointing to the target.

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