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I've been using SkySafari 6 basic for a few weeks and love it. It has been a great tool while observing the night skies with my telescope. I purchased the Cosmos collection which I believe included the Galaxy View. My question is why do I need to re purchase Galaxy View after upgrading to SkySafari Plus? It is not like I went from version 5 to 6, Plus is just an enhanced version of Basic. I feel the same way about the "Apollo Missions" addon. I purchased it for the Plus version though it does not show up in the Basic.

Richard Lovison


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    Matthew Hjelle Official comment

    Hello Richard,

    Thanks for the comments!

    The app stores really limit the flexibility we have in terms of how the apps and in-app purchases are sold given they control the checkout, tax rules and collection of all funds.  While we are exploring development methods to allow for in-app upgrading such that a whole new app does not need to be downloaded from the app stores and thus the previous in-app purchases are retained, the current situation will possibly lead to a re-purchase after upgrading. 

    This situation should be pretty limited to the lowest cost add-ons that are often on sale for as low as $0.99 or Free as the two most expensive add-ons are exclusive to the Pro version.  Hopefully the combination of the base SkySafari 6 app being on sale for up to 75% off and the in-apps often being significantly discounted at the same time, you can still find great value despite a possible small re-purchase.

    Thanks again!

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    Richard Lovison

    Hello Matt,

    Thanks for the explanation. I just purchased the HR diagram and Galaxy View addons as the Plus version will be my primary app.

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