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SkyBT Communication Problems


I have an Orion XT-10i Intellescope, and use the SkyBT to connect my Android smartphone. I use SkySafari 6 Pro.

I purchased the SkyBT in January, 2018. I use NiMh rechargeable batteries with the SkyBT.

I have been having communication problems all along, but recently it is seriously disrupting my observing. It takes two or more attempts to establish communications. Typically, things will go well for half an hour, and then disconnections begin. I will get one of three messages:
#1 “SkySafari Pro can’t make a wireless connection to the scope. If you’re using a Bluetooth serial adapter, make sure it’s turned on and paired with this Android device. If you’re using Wi-Fi, make sure you’ve joined the scope’s Wi-Fi network, and entered its IP address correctly.”
#2 “SkySafari Pro can make a wireless connection to the scope, but the scope is not responding. Make sure the scope is powered on and connected correctly. Also make sure you selected the correct scope type.”
#3 “The telescope is not responding. You have been disconnected. Do you want to reconnect?”
Message #1 is the most common, but message #2 also occurs. Occasionally, I see message #3.
In a 2-hour session, I can experience anywhere from one to ten disconnects.

I have found that weak batteries in the SkyBT will bring on message #1, so I put in freshly charged batteries before each session. I have used two different Smartphone brands, with no difference in performance.

I plan to get a new cable to connect the Orion controller to the SkyBT. This might solve message #2 or $3 problems.

For message #1 problems, I may need to replace the SkyBt. I don't know any way to test the SkyBT without replacing it. If you have a "loaner" unit, this would help. If this solves the problem, I could buy the loaner, or a new unit.

I would appreciate any advice you have.

Thank you for your help!



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