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SkySafari 5 Plus - star colors not natural

Hi guys, did anyone of you noticed that colors of stars shown in SkySafari 5 Plus are not representing the real colors, which can be seen visually or in astrophotographs?

Instead, the colors represent the value of B-V index, which is calibrated on Vega (B-V index for Vega = 0). Vega is a bluish star, but in Skysafari it is shown as white. And so on - all star colors are shifted, bluish stars are shown white, yellow-white stars are shown as yellow, and so on.

This is very misleading, and I have no idea why such system was implemented, because it is not informative at all. When I'm looking at the stars I'm interested in their real color, the one which I will actually see in my telescope or binoculars, and not in an artificial color, which is only a representation of B-V index.

Showing natural color of stars in Skysafari would also by helpful in astrophotography - I use colors of stars for establishing a proper color of my photos. Sometimes I want a star of a particular color to be visible within the FOV of my photo (to allow for proper color calibration in post-processing), so having stars in natural colors in Skysafari would be a great help in plannig my photo sessions.


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