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Enter obstruction azimuth and altitude for observing locations to use in searches

I would like to enter obstruction information for observing locations to be used for more accurate searches and alerts. The reason I ask is that I have trees of different heights around my location and would like to take that into account when planning observations.

So for example, from az 270 to 90 they go up to an altitude of 10 degrees and from az 90 to 270 they are at an altitude of 30 degrees. If I could enter this information in, I could then have my search results filtered to only show the items that would clear the trees. Using the current search, I have do do 3 searches to get the same results: 0 to 90 at 10 degrees, 90 to 270 at 30 degrees and then 270 to 360 at 10 degrees. 

I think this would be great to record for each observing location, since each has its own characteristics. Of course its not limited to trees, but could be used for hills, buildings, fences or anything else in the way.

I'd be fine entering the data manually, but perhaps you could use AR mode to view the obstructions against the sky and tap it to create lines across the tops of each obstruction and work your way around 360 degrees.

This would allow you to add a new search based on observing locations.  For example if I want to see Saturn tonight, the search would return the locations that would allow it based not only on Saturn's location but also the ability to see it based on the obstructions at each location.


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