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Can Airmass be added to object information

I use Sky Safari pro for my iphone and ipad.  I do a lot of variable star observing.  When I submit my observations to the AAVSO the airmass at the time of the observation needs to be submitted.  Is it possible that the airmass can be included under object information?  Right now I go to another planetarium program (The Sky) to get the information.




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    Tom Polakis

    I'd second Barbara's request.  Some of us use SkySafari for science observations.  Since the altitude is always known, it seems like it would be easy to add the airmass, since that's the only term in the equation.


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    Pedro Braganca

    Hello, I've added this feature request to our SkySafari 7 working document. A few of us are variable star observers and this shouldn't be too hard to add for our developers ;)

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