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Why Are SkySafari 6 Pro And Sky Commander XP4 Encoders Reading Backwards?

I have a SkyWatcher USA FlexTube 250P that I have retrofit with SkyCommander XP4 digital setting circles.  I have a SkyFi3 adapter as well as an original SkyFi adapter.  I am able to connect to both in SkySafari 6 Pro and it registers the movement of both encoders.  The crosshair is moving exactly opposite of the actual direction the scope is moving when I push it.  Selecting the reverse N/S and E/W does not seem to make a difference.  I have confirmed that the SkyCommander itself is registering in the proper direction.  The cable I have with the XP4 is the original cable.  I am confiused as to why the encoders are registering backward movements and why the reverse settings in the iOS app do not seem to be having any effect.  I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting the application from the SkyFi3 but that made no difference.  I am probably missing something silly here.  Is a different cable required than the one that comes from SkyCommander?  Any ideas as to what would be wrong here?


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    I figured out my issue on my own.  The short answer is user error on this one.  I knew my Sky Commander was working correctly before.  The mistake I made when trying to test out the SkyFi3 in my living room was the fact that I didn't do a proper alignment.  I fired up the Sky Commander and did a two star alignment but I just clicked on Polaris twice to 'align' it.  Since I wasn't actually pointing at anything and I didn't have any separation between my two alignment stars, the encoders were confused.  Because Polaris goes around a tiny circle in the sky I suspect that the difference between the two alignment clicks in Sky Commander made it register backwards since Polaris technically would have moved some amount of space between the clicks.  Long story short, I did a fake alignment with the tube pointed in the general direction of Polaris while in my living room and then moved it to the approximate area of Arcturus for the second star.  Once I did that, SkySafari registered the motions in a manner that I would expect. 

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    Keiron Smith

    Thank you for sharing your solution!  Clear skies

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