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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (plus). Recently purchased all add-ons for Apollo etc... all ceased to work when I remove and install on Note 10+... any missions selected from in-app purchases crash back out to the Android OS.

Last Android update July 24, 2019 - don't you folks care or read about what's happened since August's release of the updated Android OS and that Sky Safari has issues? There have been ZERO communication or updates. 5 months, it's November 2019, version 7 should be free. I own so many of your products on multiple platforms, including the latest Starry Night... I find myself having to repurchase add-ons for each. Not quite a fair deal... however if no one gets back to me in a timely manner please either fix the issue on the Android platform, or switch to provide Pro 6 and all add-ons for my iOS device - as a last resort please provide a full refund for Sky Safari Pro 6 and ALL Add-ons.

Thank you,

Peter Diankoff

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Peter, 

    Please be specific about what the issue is.  We can not troubleshoot without a path to reproducing the issue(s).  Please include the following:

    1. App and version number.
    2. Android OS version.
    3. Path to reproduction (X + Y = Z)
    4. Screenshots.
    5. What are you repurchasing specifically?  IAPs can only be purchased once per app store account.  This does not make sense.

    We are reading the community forums.  App updates are coming.

    Thanks for your patience!

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