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Push To Eq Platform Reset

Argo Navis, Nexus, and other DSC software have an "Equatorial  Platform Clock/Timer" function button that you start and stop when aligning and resetting a push-to Dobsonian on an EQ Platform with digital setting circles.

As I understand it, in principal it's a very simple function that starts and stops a timer when the platform is engaged after alignment, and reset after reaching the platform end travel. In essence the platform "stops" the sky movement while it's running so the scope can be moved to new objects without a drift calculation. I believe at the end of the travel when the platform is reset after an hour or so, the EQ Platform clock reset applies the elapsed amount of sky drift time to the alignment calculation and starts the timer again to repeat the process without re-aligning on stars.

I'm planning to get a DSC system for interfacing with Skysafari. Does SkySafari now have that timer function button in the Al-Az.-Push-To on Equ Platform Mount Type page?

Thx for any info.

Big SkySafari fan.




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