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Sky Safari 6 moves scope inconstant with the move arrow push

1. my telescope controls within Sky Safari Pro work inconsistently, at times the arrow will activate the scopes movement correctly, per the touch of the arrows.
other times the scope will continue to move after the release of the arrows, making it nearly impossible to fine adjust the scopes alignment, like when I am in 3 star aligning or adjusting the position slightly.
This has been happening for some time but has gotten worse as of late, the problem has been on several different phone generations and phone software updates
it also has happened on multiple versions of the Sky Safari Software. I am currently on 6Pro Ver and on iphone XS Max IOS 13.1.3
the problem exists when I use the Built in Scope wifi and when I change the setup and communicate through my home network. this last weekend, I was in the middle of the desert and the problem still exits when connected directly to the scope, which seems to rule out any interference.
I did have the previous version of Sky safari on my phone, I deleted the old app, and the problem might have gotten a little better, but it was still happening.
At times I release the arrow and it will stay lit as if it is still being held down, sometimes moving the scope until it releases, , other times the scope is not moving.



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