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SkySafari French Italian German Spanish Localization Available For iOS Beta Testers

Hi Stargazers, 

This is probably the #1 requested development for SkySafari year over year.  We are happy to say localization is finally here, and arriving in time for the New Year, 2020!

At the moment, French, Italian, German and Spanish localization is available to iOS beta testers of SkySafari 6 Plus and Pro. 

We would really appreciate your feedback - but importantly, we would like to be sure the app is not broken in some unforeseen way.

To see SkySafari localized to another language switch your iOS language setting to one of French, Italian, German, or Spanish and then launch SkySafari.

That's it.

Please submit feedback in the SkySafari iOS beta testing forum.

If you want to be an iOS beta tester please follow ALL the instructions here:

Beta Testing SkySafari 6 (iOS Only) - Read This To Participate!

Merci! Grazie! Vielen Dank! Gracias!


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