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BT Module and using Autostar 497

 Hi ,

 I'm using Sky Safari Pro 6 and built my own BT to RS 232 interface. I'm using it with a 497 Autostar and DS series Meade mount. It works great ! One question thou, one of the options is to allow Sky Safari to set the Time, Date and Location. That is a real nice feature since one still needs to use the 497 to do the alignment and with the correct Time Date and Location the 497 can correctly choose the alignment stars.  I have looked at both the Log File and captured the commands being sent back of forth between Sky Safari and the 497 and  the Time and Date commands are not sent when one choose either the DS series mount or ETX mounts ( the Location is thou) but they  are sent when one chooses the LX200 GPS series mount.   Am I missing something in the setting to have these commands sent ?  If not since the 497 is used with many different Meade mounts as an upgrade it would be a nice feature to include the Time and Date commands as well. Maybe add a 497 option in with the mount types?


                               - Dave 


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