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How To Get Replies To Your Community Post? (Answer: Clearly Explain Your Question In The Title Of Your Post!)

So many posts have titles like this:

"Can't connect"

"Wrong Data"

"App Crashes"

"Need Help"


If you want someone to actually read your post then you need to clarify YOUR request for assistance, clarify YOUR problem, and connect it with THEIR experience, connect it with THEIR ability to provide a solution.

Titles with no substance do not help to create community interest and do not help to connect problems with solutions.

If you are going to take the time to create a post asking for help then please also take the time to create a title that clearly explains the problem in one sentence.

For example:

"How Do I Use The SkySafari 6 Pro Advanced Search Feature?"

"How Do I Connect SkySafari 6 Pro On iOS 13.2 Using SkyFi 3 And A Celestron 8 SE?"

"Why Do I Get The Error Message "SkySafari Can't Make A Connection" When Trying to Connect To A Meade LX200 Using SkySafari 6 On Android 10?"

^^^ These are questions that offer actionable information in the title, where if someone reads the question, and they know they can help, they will more likely open your post and reply.


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