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[Localization Errors]* German Translation And Other Issues

Dear Sky Safari developers,

I am sorry to submit again a new post concerning the German SkySafari 6 Pro version. I feel I little bad when I point you again these issues. I really like Sky Safari, and You have done a really wonderful job so far. This is really true. Without Sky Safari I would not be able to enjoy my astro hobby as I can do it now.

However, I have to point you to the issues in the German version. The translations (especially in object info) are really terrible. Again, I noticed that for me as a native German speaker, it is difficult to understand what is written there. In fact, I was able to understand the prior English text much better. Even some fundamental expressions, e.g. magnitudes, are incorrect. The translation in Sky Safari is "Größen" or "Größenordnungen". The correct translation in fact would be "Magnituden". A translation of "Größen" back to English would be "sizes".

Especially the text in object info needs to be revised. I am not talking about minor issues. the whole text often reads really terrible. Let me just try to translate a small part of the object info on NGC 2419 as an example. The English translation of what is written in German is: "The cluster weak is (size 9.1), in relation to the famous globular cluster like M13 in constellation Hercules, but it is seen easily, with good sky conditions, with good qualities telescope so small as 4" in the opening. NGC 2419 is a rather bright 2.5' halo with freckles with a few stars in the borders of the cluster solved are. The central region is a little brighter but not concentrated."

Please add an option to switch back to English, or improve the German texts. I hate to say it, but these translations represent a step backwards.

Furthermore, the German version (6.6.3) is still crashing when I try to open it on my iPhone (6s). Please work on these issues.

Thank you very much, and best regards






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