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How Do I Connect SkyFi 3 + SkySafari 5 Pro On Android To Celestron Starsense + SkyWatcher HEQ5 Pro? (Answer: Read On!)

I have a Celestron StarSense handcontroller connected to a Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro mount via the "Celestron StarSense for Skywatcher" interface package; and SkySafari 5 Pro installed on my Android mobile. If I buy SkyFi 3, how do I connect to StarSense and the mount?  The SkySafari 5 Pro menu page for mounts does not list StarSense - only various Celestron mounts and Skywatcher SynScan. Which menu option should I choose? Or is SkySafari 5 Pro/SkyFi 3 not compatible with StarSense?

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Michael, 

    SkyFi 3 connects to the bottom of the StarSense hand controller.  Align your mount using the StarSense hand controller.  Then connect to SkyFi 3 via SkySafari 5 Pro.


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