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[Database Corrections] Betelgeuse distance

Hi folks.  A tiny tiny thing.  When I mouse-over Betelgeuse, the info shows the distance as 429 ly.  The correct distance is 642.5 ly, is it not?  Maybe this could be corrected.

Cheers,  Mike.


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    Pedro Braganca

    Thanks Mike.  Depends on how you measure it and which database you use.  Generally, you are correct that the current value is closer to 700 light years.  The Hipparchus star database we use lists it at 429 light years (the original measurement) - it was later updated to 643 ly once corrections were applied to better take into account variations in brightness - recent measurements place it at 724 light years or so. Generally we don't manually update star databases but we'll look it.

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    Hi Pedro,

    Thanks, that clears things up.  I was more curious than anything else.  I guess its variability over the years caused some problems, especially early on.

    Cheers from Australia, and stay safe!!

    -- Mike.

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