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[Officially Released] How To Connect And Control Your Scope Via Native Support & SynScan WiFi (iOS Only) of SkySafari Plus is available via iOS TestFlight beta testing app.

This version offers "SkyWatcher SynScanLink" as one of the mount options. If you choose this option, you can control their SkyWatcher (or compatible mount) through their SynScanLink wifi module.
1. In iOS (iPhone/iPad) Settings > Wi-Fi > connect to the SynScan WiFi network by selecting the module name which is usually something like:
2. In SkySafari 6 Plus > Settings > Telescope > Setup  > ScopeType > select:
SkyWatcher SynScanLink
3. In SkySafari 6 Plus > Settings > Telescope > Setup > Communication Settings > IP address & Port number


4. To get your IP Address:

In iOS (iPhone/iPad) Settings > Wi-Fi > choose the Info Button on the right side of the SynScan_Link wifi network, like this:


Get you IP Address from here:


5. Enter your IP Address like this:

6. Use Port Number: 11882

7. Then SkySafari > Main Menu > Scope > Connect




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    Keiron Smith

    Please try the following.

    1. Choose ScopeType > SkyWatcher SynScan > return to Setup
    2. Enter your IP and Port numbers
    3. Choose ScopeType > SkyWatcher SynScanLink > return to Setup
    4. Done.
    5. Connect.

    Does that work?


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    I have always been able to connect to the az-gti mount via the Skywatcher SynscanLink option. As it opens the Skywatcher pro app and from there I can control the mount. (I was highlighting that your instructions at the beginning of this post were incorrect.) However, when connecting it is not accurate in pointing or goto’s. The only way to achieve that is by using 2 iOS devices so that the synscan pro app is always open in the foreground on one of them. Although using 1 iOS device the mount can be controlled, accuracy and goto’s are useless. Must be something to do with one or both apps not being able to communicate in the background as it all works ok when using the 2 iOS device method. I’ve yet to try this on ios15 and SSP7. Waiting for clear skies.

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