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Sky Week Not Updating

I upgraded to Sky Safari Pro 6  from Plus some months back.

I get a message that Sky Week is unable to download, and to check my internet connection. My connection is just fine! When hitting  back arrow it still displays around Jan 21st.


I have 5 Android devices. All are Samsung upper tier Galaxy models. Oldest is 2 years, newest is 4 months. Same result on all devices. All of my other functions are fine.

I even registered with Sky and Telescope thinking that might resolve it but it did not. I'd rather use Sky Safari due to convenience. What have I missed?


On another note, I am using a Celestron AVX mount with SkyPortal. Scope control is fine with Celestron WIFI,  but does nothing with Celestron AVX as listed mount. Just wondering why.

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    Pedro Braganca

    Hi, Sky&Tel supplies this data and we ar working with them to get it working again.  They recently underwent a change in ownership. For SkyPortal - please reach out to Celestron ;) Thanks.

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