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[SynScan WiFi Beta Testing] Bug in documentation regarding IP Address - Beta SynScan Wifi and SkySafari 6 Plus IOS


AZ-GTi mount.

I can make the connection but the instructions indicate to pull the IP address from the Config Info for the SynScan information in IOS Wireless config.  This IP address did not work.  The IP address the works is the one indication in the SynScan Pro app itself when IT connects to the wireless connection established by the mount and the phone.  In my case, the Wifi Config indicated, but the SynScan Pro App indicated  When attempting to connect with the, I got a connection error message indicating it could connect to the WiFi, but not find the mount.  With the, it worked fine. 

It should also be documented (I believe) that you must do an alignment in SynScan Pro prior to connecting to SkySafari.  Lastly, Luminos also connects to SynScan Wifi, but makes the Wifi connection transparent to the end user.  In Luminos, you just start SynScan Pro, establish the connection to the mount and align, then start Luminos.. Once you've configured it for SynScan, it automatically establishes the communication between the two apps, so there is something in the SynScanLink API that should allow you to do the same thing, bypassing the whole setup you have documented. Just a suggestion..


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