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[Database Corrections] Database missing data for STF 1604

This is to report an apparent error in the Sky Safari 6 Pro database (SSDB) for the multiple star system Struve 1604 (WDS 12095-1151) in Corvus. 

The SSDB chart shows only 2 stars when there are 3.  The primary (A) is ~mag 6.8 and the secondary (C) is ~mag 10.  There is a tertiary star (B) in the system that is ~mag 8.  The SSDB shows only the A and B components but lists the separation and position angle for the AC components. So there appears to be missing and incorrectly attributed data involved.

One might argue that the third star (the B component) is not part of the AC binary based on its high proper motion relative to AC.  However, it should still be shown in the SSDB and the DB should accurately attribute locations, designations, and separations of these three stars.

Complete data can be found here:

or here: 

or in "The Night Sky Observer's Guide, Vol 2".

Thanks for your attention to this matter.


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    Keiron Smith

    Thanks, Steve!

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