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Connect skysafari on android with usb


I have an intelliscope Orion with my dobson XX12i. I would like communicate with skysafari on android tablet.
For that i will purchase rs232 cable to USB.

Can you tell me if we can make it work with skysafari like that without wifi or bluetooth ?

Thank you.


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    Keiron Smith


    Using Android either WiFi or bluetooth is required.


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    Bill Kocken

    I was able to get my Ioptron mount to work wirelessly with Bluetooth and Android. You need a proper Rs233 cable for your scope and a Bluetooth adapter.  I used this. I had some trouble getting the Iogear initialized,  You will need a PC to do that. But once you had it set up, it works pretty well.  I can't speak for how well the Orion scope will work with it, but if it a rs232 / serial connection it seems like it would work. 

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