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Can’t delete and edit information regarding scopes and lenses

I am not able to delete and/or edit telescope and lens  information. I have Livesky Premium.  Additionally, when I hit the telescope name, it gives the focal length number for the aperture and the focal length.


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    I've been having the same issue of late with both the basic and premium subscriptions.  To be more clear I can edit or delete only selected items.  For example there are items in my equipment list that don't have an edit check box and other items that have a delete red circle but when you click it nothing happens like getting a popup to confirm delete.

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    Paul Hallam

    Similarly to Steven, I can't delete equipment either. You can only edit custom-defined equipment, so that may explain why you can only edit selected items, but you should be able to delete the predefined kit.

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    Michael Southam

    I have the same problem as Seven and Paul. I presume from the fact that this issue has no responses, there is no plan to resolve.

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