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Why Is The SkySafari 6 Compass Image Shaking All The Time? (Answer: Read On!)

Recalibrate the compass.

Also, for the compass to function properly make sure Location Services is ON in the iOS Privacy settings. On that same screen, see if you can scroll to the bottom and select "System Services". I believe you need to have "Compass Calibration" ON in that screen. Possibly "Motion Calibration and Distance" as well.

One user resolved this issue by deactivating and reactivating location services!

iOS devices generally do not have issues with the compass mode in SkySafari.

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    Aurelio Llorente


    Same problem here. Every time I point the sky with my iPhone, the screen starts to shake. The Compass is calibrated and any other "stars" app works without shaking. After restarting the iPhone the app works properly. I don't have the same problem with the iPad (Pro 1st generation w/o modem/GPS).

    I can send you logs or any kind of help to resolve the issue.

    Best regards

    Aurelio Llorente

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