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[Feature Request] Create Square of Circular Selections around Objects in Starry Night 8



In addiction the the export sky view, Is it possible that in the next version of Starry Night Pro that you could add the ability where selections can be made using either a rectangular selection or be able the create your own selection of objects and save them as either a jpeg, gif, and tiff file, and also save animations as a .mov file to include all of the date, time and location information?



Andre Ficklin

P.S. Love Starry Night Pro

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    Pedro Braganca

    Hi Andre, thank you for your feedback.  Glad you are enjoying Starry Night.  

    You can adjust the field of view to capture just the area you are interested in - to either export as an image, make movie or export data about the objects onscreen.  Just use the zoom controls.

    You can also save the location, time, date in a movie.  Make sure you enable "Onscreen Info" and uncheck "Only when scrolling".  See screenshot below.


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