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[SynScan WiFi Beta Testing] Equipment List Migration using LiveSky - IPhone to IPad

I thought I would try adding equipment to SkySafari App under beta testing and then migrate it to another device - success.

Initially, I added some equipment to my IPhone(Cameras/lenses/Telescope etc) for FOV, I did also manually add one or two items to the IPad as well.

I then created a LiveSky account & logged in on both devices(IPad and IPhone).

IPhone = SkySafari beta version currently under test.

IPad = Live version of SkySafari currently in general use.

After logging in on both devices all of the equipment appeared on both devices - perfect.


Slight minor issue

As I had started to duplicate my equipment list manually on each device before I was aware of LiveSky, I therefore had some duplicates appear in my lists on each device as they merged together.

However, you have the option to Edit what is there(including your FOV) and you just need to ensure you are not using any of the listed items/equipment when you delete/edit them as they will be locked if in use.

Migration worked great.


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