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iOptron CEM25P Connection Failure With SkySafari 6 Pro (iPhone & MacBook Pro), Starry Night Pro Plus 8 (MacOSX 10.11 & Windows 10 64-Bit Home Edition)

I have read at least a dozen posts on this forum dozens more on SS6P and SN8PP forums about not being able to connect with the new iOptron CEM mounts using their latest firmware. 190442 on a 8408 HC.  I originally tried all of these connections using the RS232 RJ9 cable in the HC, that was a big waste of time.  I then read I should be using the iOptron RJ9 port on the mount pretty much the same results.

I have used every combination of connection from USB RS232 and SkyFi 3 connection from my MacBook Pro and Windows 10 laptops and SkyFi 3 using my iPhone 10 OS 13.4.1.  In most cases I get an error message that says SS6Pro cab make a connection but the scope not responding, or an error has occurred while trying to communicate with the scope... and Cannot find any supported iOptron mount regardless of connection type.

I have installed every USB RS232 driver including Prolific P2303, Trendent TU9 and FDTI v2.12.8 with no success.  I have chosen every type of mount offered in the telescope configure dropdowns on all three of my platforms and connection types.  I had one happy connection on SS6P giving me an Align option, nothing  happened and the mount froze which required a power cycle.

I've read going back to the previous HC/Mount version of firmware can help, however when I received my CEM25P mount in April its firmware was so corrupted (firmware HC 170518, RA 170106 & DEC 170106) that iOptron sent me new boards with the 190442 firmware.

Anyone have a time line to getting a solution to what seems to be wide spread issues with several of the iOptron mounts.


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