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How to find Quasars in SS Pro 6 on iOS

I was going to try to find 3C273 last night, but SS 6 Pro ( doesn't seem to have quasars - the search didn't turn up anything with a 3C in it...or the word quasar, for example. They show up on SS 5 Pro on my OSx laptop version, but not on SS 6 Pro iOS version, as far as I can tell. What am I missing?


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    Robert Nielsen

    It's in there.   Just look for 3C.   The designation SS6 has (which is probably the correct one) is 3C 273.0


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    Douglas Arion

    Got it. Didn't come up when I'd searched on this is the way to do it. Thanks! Now, need another clear moonless night.....not frequent here in northern New England....

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