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Sky Safari 6 Pro: enabling/disabling PGC and GAIA Extension Databases

I'm running Sky Safari 6 Pro on an Apple iMac (late 2012 vintage) with macOS Catalina (Version 10.15.4).  It is undoubtably the largest application on my Mac; and it often takes 2 minutes to load.  I've just been notified of an update for Sky Safari 6 Pro that includes, for free, the PGC Extension Database (200 MB) and the GAIA Extension Database (1.64 GB).  Will taking this update make the program take even longer to load?  If it does, is there any way to disable, or turn off/on, these two extensions?  If taking this update will significantly increase the time required to load - and there is no way to prevent the extension databases from loading, I'll skip this update.


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