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[Database Corrections] (471325) 2011 KT19 not where it should be

You may want to check into how this app handles asteroid orbital elements. Although I don't expect it to give positional data comparable to JPL Horizons, and it typically does rather well, I did find a rather egregious error recently.
The minor body in question is (471325) 2011 KT19. Sky Safari 6 Pro claimed it to be at RA = 18h 20m 39s DEC = -18d 16' 37" whereas it really was near RA = 15h 51m 59s DEC = +09d 00' 45". My suspicion is that Sky Safari 6 Pro is not taking into account that this minor body has a retrograde orbit. Then again, I could certainly be mistaken in that assumption.
I often use 6 Pro to point my telescope for occultations by various minor bodies and found this mistake just the other night. Luckily I had many other sources for cross referencing RA/DEC of this particular minor body.
Just thought I'd float it your way...
Clear skies,


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    Keiron Smith

    Thanks, Chad!

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