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[Feature Request] Fix the time advancement of SkySafari by months and years 

As addressed in the topic linked above, SkySafari is lazy about advancing time by months and years.  This causes times and dates to slip as you run a time simulation and generally makes it less useful.

Additionally, there's no option to advance by tropical years. That would be a nice addition, though not as high of a priority as fixing normal time advancement.


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    Pedro Braganca

    Hi Bleys,  I've added this to our list of items to tackle.  I'll bring it up at our next dev meeting.  I think at the very least it should jump by Sidereal month rather than just 30 days. Also made a note for tropical year. Pedro

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    Point of information:  SkySafari Pro already has a "Sidereal Months" increment option. (Not that I understand exactly when you would want to use it.)

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