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Is Anyone Experiencing Missing Observing Lists When Syncing SkySafari 6 Plus Between Android And iOS?

Hi, I’d created an obs list on my iPad, added a couple of objects to look for, then completed it later on my phone. When I checked the iPad this morning, the complete obs list wasn’t showing, just the advance objects I’d originally added. Checked the phone, and all the obs I’d added last night were gone....


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    Ros Hartigan

    Hi Kevin, can you tell me what version of SkySafari 6 Plus you have on each device, and also what version of iOS/Android you have on each device?


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    Kevin Quinn

    Hi Ros, SkySafari 5 plus, Android 7, iOS 13. Interestingly, I repeated the scenario last night, but creating and adding items to an obs list on Android first. When I checked the iPad this morning all was as it should be ...

    It could, of course be user error. I just wondered if anyone else had had the issue.


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