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SkySafari 6 Pro iOS +SkyQLink2 + Nexstar Evolution 8 freeze while connect to app

Hello, guys!

I ma using Skysafari Pro for iOS latest version

Thank you for your amazing app, its really helps a lot for beginners and pro astronomers.

But after the last update from 4 of may(he he Star Wars day) my Nexstar Evolution 8 couldn't connect with a mobile app.

I stuck with a very popular issue when SS could make wireless network but scope is not responding. So, i've read a tons of info from everywhere, starting from cloudynights and SCC support forums and made following steps:

1. Update firmware though CFM

2. Change the settings, readout rate, e.t.c

3. Reinstall apps and try to connect with other mobile devices(iOS and Android)

4. Buy new SkyQLink doungle 

And no luck. So its looks like Celestron hardware issue, as you usually said to other customers. But in my case there is two unusual things:

1. Per 7-8 unsuccessful try’s  I get one successful.

2. I've tried to connect with the Scope using Celestron PWI (CPWI) Telescope Control Software. It's a Windows app and everything working perfectly, no issues, smooth and quiet.

So I think there are some issues with the latest updates. 

Is there something where you could help me?


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    Игорь Полторак

    Is there anything that I could add to the topic?

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    Игорь Полторак

    Thank you for latest update. Everything is working smooth and clear.

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