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[Feature Request] Dynamic Magnitude Limit for Solar System’s Bodies

I’m writing here to know if it is possible to add the feature of automatically adjusting the magnitude limit of *solar system’s bodies* as the user zooms in and out. If it already exists, sorry for my message (I'm a SkySafari Pro user) :-)

The best would be:

(1) having solar system’s bodies displayed as the stars, i.e., not with a fixed magnitude aspect (when zoom out the map becomes very confusing with too much asteroids displayed as mag 1 stars), and

(2) providing the user the possibility to choose how much deeper go with respect to the displayed stars: e.g., +3 “delta magnitude deeper” means in a field where mag 9 stars are displayed, see up to 12 mag solar system bodies. But when zoom out and only mag 6 stars are visible, see up to 9 mag solar system bodies and so on.

This would be very useful, since when looking at large portion of the sky, having, for instance, all the 13th mag asteroids is very confusing. But when looking at a narrow field with a big telescope, see also the low mag bodies can be very useful (clearly, without having to go in the menu each time and change the thresholds as I have to do now)

Moreover, for instance, when I look planets I would like to see low mag moons (e.g., of Neptune or Uranus), but if I zoom out I don’t want to see hundreds of 14+ mag asteroids. :-)

IMHO, such a dynamic adjusting magnitude limit for solar system’s bodies would be a really useful feature.

Thank you so much for your attention.


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