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Preview images of deep sky objects

Hello, I have the pro version. 
Why don't I have the "preview images" of objects? (for example: IC1396, SH2-129, SH2-155, ...)?
Did I miss an update? Or it does not exist, which would be a shame for paid software, while others free display them.


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    Keiron Smith


    The macOS version is a port of the iOS version.  SkySafari is a mobile first app.  The total app size must be manageable for mobile devices.  Currently, the total file size is 1.3 GB. If we had a built-in image for every deep sky object in our database the app would probably double or triple in size.  That is too big for many mobile devices.

    However, we can consider adding more images for SS7.

    Thanks for your feedback!


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    Keiron Smith

    Please create a list of (missing) images you would like to see included, and post the list in our community forum here:

    SkySafari | Feature Requests


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