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How To Connect SkySafari 6 Pro + SkyBT + Astrophysics 900 GTO Mount (Answer: Read On!)

I have many problem to establish communication between my sky BT and sky safari (installed on a xiaomi mi 9). My mount is an AP900GTO mount
sometime it works good but i have often this message "SkySafari can make connection but the scope is not responding".

What must i do, i try to close bluetooth, battery are ok, it is very frustrating...


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    My recommendation is, if you fail at first, try again.

    Seriously.  I use SkySafari-6 Pro with a SkyBt with all my mounts -- including my AP Mach1 GTO.  And sometimes I fail to get a connection the first, or even second time I try.  But I almost always get a connection by the third try.  And once connected, I don't think it ever disconnects on its own -- unless the batteries in the SkyBT run down.

    But all that said, I seem to have better luck connecting the first time when I use my phone (an older Samsung Galaxy S8), than when I use my Samsung tablet.  I think my phone connects faster and almost always on the first try.  I don't know why.  But even when my tablet fails at first, it eventually connects.

    I don't think the "problem" is with your mount or your SkyBT.  I suspect it's your tablet.  But since you say it sometimes connects, my guess is that if you immediately try again (and even a third or fourth time), it will eventually connect.

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