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[SynScan WiFi Beta Testing] Sky Safari Plus Beta in AZ MODE-Review



Ok, this is my report in AZ mode:

1) Using Sky Safari alone

I can connect without problems now that Synscan is back. 

I turn on the mount with the telescope pointing to the North horizon.(0 altitude)

With Sky Safari point to Sirius, the scope moves to this region, obviously I need to move it manually or with the motors to the real place where Sirius is located.

I aligned, ok no error

I jump to Canopus. Out of  field. Move again with motors. Align (no error)

Jump to Spica. Same procedure. Out of  field

Jump to Alpha Centauri. Same procedure. Out of field

Conclusion: Basically now the Sky Safari allows to align without errors but never put the target inside the eyepiece field.Now this is understandable as you need to align the telescope  with at least two stars and Sky Safari doesn't t include this procedure.


2) I use the app Synscan Pro. I align the object.

Open Sky Safari, connect the telescope .OK

Go to Sirius, Canopus, Spica, Alpha Centauri. Again miss the target. So the problem here is that Sky Safari is basically decoupled of SynScan app. As somebody commented before unless Safari include some alignment procedure we  need that just follow what Synscan does. Synscan is not a great and elegant  app but do well what it suppose to do.

So Keiron I guess we have two options here:

a) Devise an alignment procedure using Sky Safari with two or/and three stars. (would be wonderful and very desirable!)

b) Just couple or attach SkySafari in order to follow Synscan  (as Luminous does according to what other users commented) 





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    Keiron Smith

    Thank you, Luis!

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