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Accuracy of SkySafari selection after alignment is off.

After setting up my Az-GTi Mount using Synscan Pro (1.19.0) using three star alignment, my SkySafari successfully connects using SkyWatcher SynScanLink setting (SkyWatcher Synscan will not respond). The issue is that the last alignment star I used, Merak, is not in the crosshairs in SkySafari (see images). Opening Lumicon shows the crosshairs on Merak when connected and visible using a 10mm eyepiece. This occurs on two different iPads and on SkySafari Plus and SkySafari Pro.

My procedure is to level the scope, power on iPad, turn on Az-Gti Mount, connect to the Wifi of the mount, align using Synscan Pro using the three star alignment selection, open SkySafari and then connect.

  • IPad MH182LL/A (13.5.1) / New iPad MUUJ2LL/A (13.5.1)
  • Synscan Pro (1.19.0)
  • SkySafari Plus
  • SkySafari Pro
  • Az-GTi Mount (Alt Azimuth)


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