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Can I change the GoTo speed for a SkyWatcher/SynScan scope?

SkySafari Plus on Android 8.1.0

I want to reduce the speed that my mount performs GoTo operations, to make it a bit quieter. The motors are actually really quiet on lower speeds when I do manual adjustments, but the GoTo tends to run at top speed, which gives off a fair whine.

Both the Skywatcher handset and the native SynScan Android wifi app allow you to adjust the rate for manual slew operations on a 1-9 scale, but this has no effect on the GoTo operation.
The main reason I bought SkySafari (pro) was that I had read that it did allow you to adjust the speed for GoTos, but now that I have it installed I can't see anywhere that this is implemented. I've found the speed adjustment controls, but they seem to affect only the manual slew, like the SynScan app.

Was I mistaken here, or is there some other way of achieving this?


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