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Position of the Moon in the future - SS6 Pro

I have noticed some disturbing ‘end of the world’ simulations when plotting the position of the moon in the distant future.I guess the real question is what is the usable data range from ‘NOW’ in which SS6 will calculate object positions accurately. I’ll give you some examples:

On Monday the 13th March, 405054 AD the Moon will be 44000km from the Earth (that’s a 10th of what it is now)

On Thursday the 11th April, 435535 AD the Moon will be 10000km (watch for the tsunamis)

On Saturday 15th October, 476907 AD the moon will be so close to the Earth that I couldn’t make a measurement and I am sure one or the other will be ripped into pieces. My money is on the Moon.

Between these times the distance wildly fluctuates sometime with the Moon being flung out near the Kuiper Belt and then back again.

Just an observation, don’t panic. I am guessing that not too many people will be trying out anything so silly. However, it might be worth putting hard limits on the clock if the data doesn’t work after certain times. The Voyager missions seem OK with Voyager 1 tearing past Aldebaran in about 2.2 million years.

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    Now that is funny! I read your post to my better half and we both laughed out loud!

    I did similar what if's with my first planetarium program Voyager II a number of years ago. What if's are a 'black hole' for any available free time, just like Google Earth is to map lovers.

    I think the help file or notes say errors start accumulating after 20,000 years or so. 

    Clear nights all and enjoy the sights!



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