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can't perform an alignment with SkyPortal/SkySafari, need to know the specific error before retry


I'm a new user of an Astro Fi 5 telescope. First I have no problem of connection or any wifi related problem. But after some dozens try, I'm unable to success an alignment to enjoy the GoTo feature.

With the SkyAlign method, after the third star selection, I got systematically the very vague message on the screenshot (I'm French. In English it says roughly speaking "fail to align, just retry", no error code, no explain, it's not easy...)  I am being careful in the alignment process, choosing bright and angularly distant stars, telescope parallel of the ground at begining, differents stars (and only stars) tested etc. I have tried skyalign but also manual process. In manual method, the alignment succeeds with 3 stars but are fully biased (unusable) and when I go to add some stars to improve the accuracy, I get systematically another message , something like the alignment target is too far from the telescope position (what this means?).
Today after one month of attempts, I have ordered a Nextstar hand controller because three users of my scope told me they have the exact same problem with app for alignment (none of them have succeeded an app alignment), and say me all work fine with hand controller. I'm waiting for my purchase but please, I would want to know what the exact problem and why I get only fail .

Thanks for yout help !


App : Skyportal or SkySafari pro
Scope : Celestron Astro Fi 5 (with all firmwares up to date !)
Alignment via skyAlign or manual , all app settings are good (I live near equator so I chose south hemisphere), I see on the screen app the sky I look in the night . Just the alignment seems impossible.


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